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Panny XR-55 or Pioneer 1016? or...?

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I'm upgrading my HT system to either the SVS SBS-01, or the Onix x-cs/ls system w/ a SVS sub. Now should I consider upgrading the XR-55 as well, or will it be fine to use it for those speakers? (don't know a whole lot about receivers, or speakers for that matter :( )

If upgrading is recommended, how is the pioneer 1016? it seems to be a pretty good buy at less than 400, and I've always liked Pioneer's products :) Of course, I'm open to any suggestions.
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It's tough to compare the two since the Panny has a digital amp, while the Pioneer is more traditional. If I'm not mistaken, I think the Pio has more connectivity options, too.

I'm not familiar with your speakers, though I think either one would do a fine job driving them. Be sure to check the power ratings for the speakers and receiver to ensure that they are a match.

Personally, I would lean towards the Pioneer, though I am a bit biased since I have never owned a receiver from Panasonic. The XR-55 and 1016 are extremely popular, so I think you'll be fine either way.
Why not stick with your Panny and listen to your new speakers until you are familiar with the sound of your system, then decide what you find missing that you desire (if any) before getting a new receiver?
Unless the 1016 has some features, connections etc that you want, keep the 55 why invest $400 in something you already have unless you're not happy with it.? They are both great receivers. At least listen to the new setup with the Panny first.
I was going to go with the 1016 to replace my 1015,. but it lacke true HDMI connectivity and has become ugly over the year with the loss of the front door.

I was however looking at the JVC 702... not sold yet though... when in doubt... wait !
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