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Panny XR50! Is it screwed?!

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Hey Everyone,

I just went out and bought the Panasonic SA-XR50 from FutureShop. I got it all hooked up and I'm having major problems!

I have it hooked up to a 5.1 system. Using SPDIF coax from HTPC to COAXIAL 1 on XR50. I went through all the menus and set everything up properly, I think. I am playing a CD in the HTPC and the XR50 seems to cut out every 10-15 secs for about 1 sec. My speakers are rated at 89db sensitivity, levels are all set at Zero and I'm listening at about -40db according to the display. Why is it cutting out?

I even turned the A/D Atten ON even though I wasn't getting any errors. Is there something else I need to do? Overheating?

I turned it off and on again. I've been listening for the past 3 mins and no cutouts....weird. What the heck is going on?! Do I have a defective unit?

Also, why is it sampling at 48khz?

I know there must be something majorly wrong because this receiver also doesn't sound much different than the Kenwood VR-405 it's supposed to be replacing!

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Does it cut out on all sources, or just from your HTPC?

Your soundcard is resampling the CD to 48kHz to be AC97 compliant.
I have not tried it on different sources since the HTPC is the only connection to it. I played around with it a little bit more and I can tell you that when the sampling is at 48khz the sound cuts out. However, when I turn on any of the EFFECTS it does not cut out. Also the smapling goes up to 96 Khz. Anyone know what this means? Or why it's doing this? There must be other people that are using this receiver with SPDIF from a HTPC.
I used this receiver with my laptop which outputs at 48khz without any problem. The effects do double the resampling rate to 96, that's normal. It does sound like you may have a faulty unit.

As far as sound quality, it has been documented on these forums many times that the sound really improves after about 100 hours of playtime. I would suggest exchanging your unit for a new one and letting it play for about a week nonstop. Then make a decision on the sound quality.
NEVERMIND about the A/D recommendation below....just re-read your first post.


Don't know if this will work for you or not, but on page 19 of the manual, you might want to play with the A/D attenuator. I don't know how it works, but it seemed to work for my situation. I played around with my friend's XR50 to test out my speakers (towers), and everything was fine. However, when we hook up her bookshelves, the damn thing was turning off every 10 seconds or so. She spotted the A/D attenuation section in the manual, so we decided to try playing around with that setting. Forgot if it was on or off, but try the opposite of what you have now and see if that works for you. Good luck.


Not sure why it would sound the same as your other unit. Have you messed with the SPL calibration for the unit yet? Sorry if you've already addressed this in the post, but I wanted to be sure of what you mean by "everything's set correctly."
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Another idea might be to see if your HTPC can vary it's digital audio out to another frequency like say 44 khz and see if that works better.

As for the sound quality it could all be in the setup or perhaps the speakers? what even a casual listener should notice would be a lot more clarity than with standard transistor amplifier. I assume the vr-405 is not a high end unit so I'd think with at least average quality speakers and properly set up, you should hear an improvement.

The best verbal description I can offer to describe the difference is that the transistor based amp will sound like there is a curtain hanging between you and the speakers, and on the panasonic full-digital it's like the curtain has been removed. There is a certain amount of extra 'clarity' that comes without sharpening the sound or making it sound all electronic and edgy.

Have you figured out what was wrong with your receiver? Mine just recently started doing the same thing after watching Blade 2 in DTS 6.1 mode. Now it does it on all digital inputs. Did you have to send it in for repairs? I've tried the A/D fix and it didn't help me either.


Has anyone else had a similar problem?

When I get home tomorrow I might try to switch coax inputs and see if that relieves the problem. Maybe the one is trashed.
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