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panny42edtv in bedrm-pq fine-but-sound quality from internal speakers=questionable

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no reciever - just internal speakers direct using bbve "on"

composite and 2 ch audio cables (red and white)

bass and treble not tweaked - just factory settings

i was watching with dvd sound in 5.1 from disc menu and it sounded terrible, switched to 2 ch stereo in dvd menu and sound improved, but not quite what i was expecting-

most of the trouble was from dialog or what would be center ch info-

any similar experiences or ideas ?
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I find the sound from our Panny with built-in speakers to be very good. The simulated surround that the set has is even quite good for what it is. Check your DVD player to make sure you don't have simulated surround sound on in that too. Several years ago with a different TV and player I had some bad sound on a disc and found that both pieces of hardware had simulated surround on. The interaction made dialog difficult to understand, most notably in a concert DVD I was watching at the time.
good point, i'll try that

so, go into the sony (dvd player) setup menu and change audio settings ?
I am disappointed with the sound quality out of those speakers. Barely any bass at all. Not much of an issue for me since I use my AVR for audio.
yes, caeguy, i noticed that as well

mid movie i bumped up the bass and saw no improvement
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