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Pansonic DMR-ES15

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After much reading here, I went looking for a Pansonic DMR-ES15 last night. Sam's

had plenty at $ 149.00, both WalMart's were sold out at $ 139.00, Best Buy might

have had some for $ 119.00; but I got the last one in town at Big Lot's for $ 99.00.

While I am quite experienced with electronic equipment, I am a total beginner with DVD recorders and will need a lot of help along the way.

My setup is as follows: OTA antenna, DTV H20 satellite receiver, Vizo 37" HDTV, and now the ES15 recorder. I'm looking at the connection diagram 'C' on page 9 of the user manual and have some questions:

1. Does the signal from the OTA antenna (2) pass thru to the H20 (3) when the

recorder is off?

2. Should I use component + audio from the recorder to one of the Vizio's

component inputs instead of composite or s-video? Will it make a noticeable

difference? I guess I will the have to switch inputs to watch a DVD on the Vizio.

3. I assume the rf connection (4) between the H20 and the Vizio is unecessary if I

I am presently using HDMI cable bewteen the H20 and the Vizio.

So, If I have it connected 'right", I should be able to tune an analog OTA channel, watch it on the Vizio and record it at the same time. Same goes for tuning a SD channel with the Sat receiver. But what happens if I tune an HD channel with the OTA antenna or an HD channel on the Sat receiver?

I will have more questions about making recordings, which media to use and how to eliminate commercials after I get past the 'connection' hurdle. Thanks in advance for help and suggestions.
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