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Pany PT-60LC14 vs. Samsung HL-P5085W

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Hi all,

I've been sort-of going back and forth between these two models, and havent made up my mind in which to get.

I would really like to get the sammy dlp, however, i've been reading too many things about the audio sync problems, and i definately don't want to mess with that. Has the issue been solved, at least with the above mentioned model?

What im basically looking for is something I can play my xbox/ps2 (again hoping that videogames play well on either system) and some DVD watchin.. (don't watch much tv)

Which brings me to the panasonic RP LCD.. i've read about how lcd's aren't as good at fast paced action, whether its watching sports, or playing fast paced video games. Anyone with the panny tv have problems with it? is it bad? considering what i seem to watch most on tv is sports.

Im looking more towards the pany lcd, with all of its input cababilities (and size) but i dont want the pixelated look if something is moving too fast.

thanks to any advice you guys can give me!
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I've heard there can be play action delays with DLPs and Video games.
I have a PT-60LC14 and it's PERFECT for playing video games. I bought mine back in November of 2004 and have had no gripes since. The four sets of component inputs on the back will come in handy for plugging in your Xbox with the HD kit, as well as your PS2 and DVD player. Though you say your not too big on TV, the set's HDMI input will be great in case you do decide to get an HD STB. As far as pixelation, haven't noticed any, even on fast-moving football games. I don't think this is really an issue with the newer generations of RP-LCD TV's.

I originally wanted to purchase the Samsung HL-P6163W, but was turned off by some of the issues that came up (audio sync, screen smudges). I also didn't really like the softening of the picture that the HD3 chip produced. Once I found out that my wife saw rainbows, I scrapped DLP all together.

I decided to go with the Panasonic PT-60LC14. Here's why: 1 HDMI input, 4 component inputs, 3 S-video inputs, 2 RGB inputs -- Can't really beat the amount of inputs this set offers. And of course, the outstanding HD quality and impressive SD capabilities. Plus, I was able to get a GREAT price on the set. I know that AVS Forum asks its members not to post prices, but I can tell you that I was able to get the Circuit City in Wayne, NJ to price match Electronic Expo on a NEW SET for just over $2200. I then was able to purchase the display model Z-Line LCD stand for $150 (retails $300). Not a bad deal!

Good luck in finding your new TV!

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hey, thank you very much for your response! i'll be looking at getting that tv now :)
Glad to help! Enjoy your new set! :) You won't be disappointed!


one more question, does circuit city do price matches with etailers, or just other electronic stores locally?
I think technically, they will only price match another store. However, I think this depends greatly on the floor manager who has the ultimate say in the price match. When I had Circuit City price match Electronics Expo, I brought in the online listing for what was being sold in the store, so I guess that it technically was price matching my local Expo, just using the online advertisement. But give it a try! It can't hurt to ask. But I think it really does depend on the manager. If you want to talk prices, send me an email at [email protected] and I'd be glad to talk some more and do whatever I can to help you out.

Good luck and feel free to email me anytime!

[email protected]
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