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Hey guys -

I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I want to "finish off" a little re-arranging I've done with my home theater area, where I've optimized it for being no "deeper" than it needs to be while having storage, room for low-rent bias lighting, etc. The problem is that my beloved Advent 4's aren't quite cutting it - they're too deep and would be too difficult to hang where I need to hang them.

I'm interested in the Paradigm since I've had good luck with them in the past and I really like the design of the 330's - being able to get them in Piano Black to match my TV would be great. Although I don't need speakers that are quite as shallow as the 330's are, it's nice to have the option if I do end up putting them somewhere where the TV is truly flat on the wall - the setup here is 8 inches from the wall to the front of the cabinet.

The thing is that I work at home and I spend the vast majority of my time listening to music not movies - typically working on the couch right in front of the speakers. We do watch movies regularly, but if the setup doesn't sound good with music, I'm going to be very, very unhappy.

I've read at least one review that said the speakers weren't great with music, but I think they were speaking more within the context of a 5.1 surround mix, not stereo playback. Can anyone comment on how these sound for music when paired with a sub? I have a 10 inch active JBL and an Onkyo 674 and do not use any surround processing when listening to music.

If you think something else would work better, I'm all ears. But I would like to keep the LCR combo under $900 - the 330's are already stretching my budget.
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