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Hi all,

I purchased the paradigm cinema 70 speakers:

I have an onkyo ht-s660 (older receiver). My onkyo has only one setting for Hz, which should I set it to for the paradigm system?

60/80/100/120 or 150 Hz

I can not set individual channels.



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I don't have the cinema series but I have auditioned them before. Based on the size of the speakers I would try setting it at 100 or 120. Test each and see if you like the way one sounds over the other.

From an article:


"The subwoofer integrated well with the satellite speakers producing a full range frequency response. We would have liked to keep the crossover frequency ideally around 80 Hz, but due to the design of the satellites, we had to increase the crossover frequency to around 100Hz to prevent nulls in the frequency response."

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The above post is misleading as that is for the Cinema 110 speakers which have larger 4-1/2" dual midrange/ bass drivers for each speaker.

Your Cinema 70 speakers have a single 3-1/2" driver for each & are rated for 125 Hz + or - 2 dB per Paradigm:


I have owned them all & they are fine little speakers for the money.

I still use the ADP diopoles for surround duty & FWIW my Denon avr-1909 Audyssey calibration sets them for 150 Hz (the ADP's have dual 3-1/2" drivers per speaker).

You didn't say, but I assume you have the Paradigm sub as part of the Cinema package? If so, a higher xover setting to match the 70's requires you locate the sub close to the satellites as xover above 100 Hz can usually be localized.

Do a search in the speaker forum, & yopu can find a Paradigm Cinema series thread for additional info you might need. Also you can e-mail Paradigm for info.
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