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I'll soon be moving into a new house where the "better half" has granted permission for a dedicated home theater room, so in the meantime I've been keeping an eye open for quality used components and I've come across 2 sets of speakers that seem to fit the bill.

The theater room dimensions will roughly be 19.5' x 12.5'. Audio components I already have are an Onkyo TX-SR606 and a set of Paradigm Atoms which I intend to use for the surrounds in the 5.1 setup.

The Paradigm Monitor 7 V.4 set appears to be in near mint condition and the guy wants $300 for them. If I were to go this way I would look for a smaller monitor for the center channel or perhaps a Titan?

The Energy set includes 2 C5 towers and 2 CC1 center channels for $700. I'm thinking I could sell the 2nd CC1 to recoup some cost.

Which would be the better buy?
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