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Originally Posted by goonstopher /forum/post/15455761

If you could get them both for the same price (1 Seismic 12 or 2 pc12-nsd) which would pair better with a paradigm setup consisting of 2 x Studio 60, 2 x studio 20 and a cc-570?

Used mostly for HT.

The Seismic 12 is no slouch. It performs quite well for a small box, and to me, belies it's size. I demoed this sub at a dealer in a large room and it filled it very nicely. As to the price, I don't know what they sell for now, but if they are still in the $1700 range, then your in the PB13U or the HSU ULS-15 range. I haven't heard the ULS, but the PB/PC13U is superior to the Seismic in depth, volume, and SQ as well as some nice features and better finishes.

Personally, I believe you are better off with a single Ultra than with dual NSDs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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