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Paradigm Seismic and Velodyne SPL-R Pros and Cons

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Looking for a truly small sub and the two that seem to constantly show up here in this category are the Paradigm Seismic and the Velodyne SPL-R series.

What are the pros/cons of each, and given room size of around 3500 cubic ft, will the 10's do in either one, or am I looking to require the 12's.

While I listen to music quite a bit, still looking to the sub to give the added depth/bass (the type you can feel) when watching movies.

All comments welcome.


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In that size room you would need at least a 12" to move the amount of air you can feel. SVS subs look to be quite popular around here....I've been looking at their 12" models as well.....the cabinets are rather large but, in my case I have the room for one. I'll leave it up to one of the others who is more experienced with subs to give you more info :)
I think you are looking at a Velodyne DD-12 to meet your requirements.

To find a truly small sub that sounds good for music and provides base you can feel is asking a lot. Very few subs can do this well.

Although the two you mention are small and would be good for music, I don't think they would provide base you can feel.
I heard an SPL-1200R at an installers store and it was very good. I have also heard an DLS-5000R, but that was at a retail store and the demo wasn't done well, but still not bad. The 5000 doesn't go as deep as the 1200, but it is a lot cheaper. They are both good looking subs. I might have gotten the 1200 if I had convinced myself to pay that much for a sub. It was just too much over my original budget. I wound up spending almost as much as I did further research.

I almost got to demo the Seismic, but it was at a Paradigm store and they seemed to have the attitude that 'If you don't already have a $20,000 check filled out for us, keep walking'. Maybe it was just a bad day for them. It too is a nice looking box.
I've got about the same set up as you, 3500 cf, and I've had my spl 1200r about a month.

This unit is light years better than the old sub. For music you can really hear and feel the bass NOTES, not just a low thud. We have a three story home and you can feel and hear the unit from top to bottom of the house.

The presets and remote are good and thats a feature I use quite a bit.

I considered getting a DD unit, but didn't feel the cost justified what I was getting although they are great preformers. I would rather spend money on the stand alone EQ if I feel it's needed.

One thing about the remote to remember is that you still have to use an emitter or be in line of sight to the front of the sub for the remote to work. This is an issue because I originally had the sub tucked away and thought I had a defective remote. Had a senior moment on that one.

Even though the 1200r is doing the job, I'm thinking about getting another for possible overkill. I like the small form factor of two small subs versus one large, and I'm getting about 30 % off msrp so it's easier to swallow.

I was using a vented/ ported sub before, but don't think I would go back after using a sealed unit. That bass is tight with no mud in sight.

Good luck.

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MY first sub was an SPL1200II and that little sub was fast and accurate. Great for both music and HT. My huge space and a compulsion for more bass forced a move on, but if I had a 3000 CF room the SPL series would be at the top of the list of subs I'd consider.

I have heard a demo of the Paradigm Seismic 12 and it was also amazingly powerful and clean sounding for such a small sub. You really need to listen to both of these yourself and pick one. I don't think you would be disapointed either way.
Velo's coming out with the SPL1500R this month...not too much bigger, I think 16"s cubed. Don't know the street prices yet, but it will definitely give you the depth you're looking for, EQ and remote.
IMO, it looks a lot bigger than the SPL1200.
Originally Posted by AdilM
IMO, it looks a lot bigger than the SPL1200.

It is on Velo site now and is about 18" cubed and 65 lbs. I doubt there is a smaller 15".
Ahh!! Wrong about the dims...sorry. Didn't look that big when I got a look at one :D .
I auditioned a ton of small subs in the under $2000 price range and these two (the 12" versions though) were by far my favorites. I felt the SPL was slightly better for music and the Seismic was slightly better for movies, but both were very impressive. Before I decided on a much larger sub, I was all set to go with the SPL-1200. You can't go wrong either way.
Thanks for the feedback.

Based on other input I have received, it seems that the consensus is that I will be pleased with either, however the Velodyne is better for music and the Paradigm better for movies.

Since I am mainly looking at the sub for movies, this would mean that I should look at the Paradigm. However, I do listen to a fair amount of music with heavy bass. Will I be giving up too much here? In other words, will the music still sound great?

Yes you should be fine. Don't put too much weight on my music vs movie comparisons. They both sound great for both, and someone else might say the Seismic sounds better with music. I just personally like the sound of the Velo better (slightly). I have been much happier now that I have chosen my gear based on what sounds better for music even though I use my system more for movies.
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