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Simple question: Will a Paradigm ADP-370 speaker bought new today match well with a Paradigm mini-monitor I bought 6 years ago?

I have 5.1 system consisting of four Paradigm mini monitors, a matching center channel, and a PS-1000 sub, driven by a Marantz SR8000. I bought them all in the summer of 2000.

I'm building a real home theater and will likely switch to 7.1 at some point. The question: do I buy a pair of ADP-370's for the sides and move two of the mini-monitors to the rear, or do I retire the Paradigm system to the family room TV and buy speakers from scratch? I'd prefer the former unless it is likely to be a problem.

I know in general buying matching speakers works best. I'm wondering if the same speaker system bought 7 years later can be considered 'matching' or if the design drifts/improves enough to make them dissimilar.

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