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Hey everyone,

I went back to my local retailer because it was 27 days after i purchased studio 20 V.4's for my rears. Due to complications one was never opened and neither was hooked up so I was still barely within their 30 day return policy and decided to go with ADP-590's. Since my fronts are just Studio 60 V.3 and cc-570 I was ok with V.4's for rears since they would be on the opposite sound stage... Well, V.4's are 100% sold out company wide for my retailer BUT v.5's will be in within a week! Even better...They honored the 25% off sale they had on the v.4's for the new v.5's. I ended up getting the ADP-590 v.5's for just $1050!

Just a heads up...

If you want V.4's at closeout prices or want to pre-order v.5's then now might be the time.
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