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Paradigm System 8 Package

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I'm seriously considering the Paradigm system 8 5.1 speaker/subwoofer


Fronts: Monitor 11

Center: CC-370

Surrounds/Rear: ADP-370

Powered Sub: PW-2200

The package is complete and doesn't allow substitutions. It also

fits in my budget of $3k. I would be using this system for 70%

movies/30% music, in a 21 ft (length) by 15.5 ft (width) by

9 ft (height) dedicated room.

I haven't decided on a receiver at this time.

If you have experience with this system, what are your thoughts?


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I have the 11's, CC-370 and I'm in the process of demoing the ADP's to replace the 7's I curruntly use for surrounds. I'm gonna buy them I think. I think they're great speakers for the price and will fill your room nicely. The 11 and CC(very clear) can a be little bright with my wood floors, but not offensive IMO. Also, amazing low end from the 11's woofs, and of course I love the dispersion of the dipoles. I do think you could get a better sub from SVS or Hsu to replace the PW at the same cost, but it's still a good sub. Any reason you have to buy the package? A dealer should still give you a good deal for all those speakers even without the sub and brands don't have to match to get a good blend. 10% off should be a gimmie with all those speakers.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not forced into buying the Paradigm sub,

but I'm basically getting the sub (about $750 retail) for $300. I would

also like to replace it with a SVS, HSU or Velodyne, but the retailer

doesn't carry any of those brands. :( (SVS being internet sales.)

Instead they seem to focus on subs >$1k which is outside my budget

at the time as I'm building a new house.
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Is that the PW-2200 v1 or v2? The v2 should be competitive with HSU and SVS but retails for $900. If you get that for $300 as part of the package, that's a great deal.
Yeah, $300 for a new version PW would be unheard of, but hopefully not at the expense of little or no discount on the rest of the speakers, which is what might be happening. For the older version that would still be great, but the new one is much better IMO.
It's the PW-2200 v2, so I guess I'm getting a pretty good deal

for the entire 5.1 system for around $3k. If I opt just for the

5 speakers, I would only save $300 and would then have to

purchase a subwoofer.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm 95% sure I will be going with this

package. Now if I could only decide on a receiver.
Three grand can go a pretty long way in the studio series, as long as you don't go for the 100s (which I don't think you'd need with a good sub). If you can find v2 Studios, you could probably get a pretty good system for under $2k without the sub, which leaves plenty for the sub brand that you want. I've owned speakers in the Monitor and Studio lines, and the studios are a noticable step up in quality.

If you ever thinking of making a trip to Detroit in the near future I would hold off. Just across from Detroit is Windsor Ontario. Here you could get

Paradigm Studio 40(v3)

Paradigm Studio 20(v3)

Paradigm CC470(v3)

Paradigm PW2100 sub

Now seeing that the MSRP prices for Paradigm speakers in CDN$ are roughly the same in US$ you should be able to get everying but the sub.

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Paradigms have been, by far, my favorite speaker manufactuer since I was first turned on to the 7seMK3 pair back in the early 90s. They consistantly make high quality products for a reasonable price.

My setup isn't version matched, but it consists of Monitor9 v.3, LCR-350, ADP-350, and pw-2200 v.1, and unused mini-monitors. I started with the 7s in stereo and loved them for six years. Multi-channel media led me to purchase the center, adp's, and the mini's. The only reason I have the Mon9's is that I found them new for
"The package is complete and doesn't allow substitutions"

What the.. those 'packages' are merely suggestions by paradigms. you go to a dealer, you can tell them what you want.. turn that monitor 11 to a monitor 7, imo.
My room is a similar size to yours - only about 7 feet longer, but a foot shorter in ceiling height. I have the Paradigm PW2200 V.2. You won't get a sub for $300.00 that will beat that! People here always always always push SVS on everyone who asks. Now, I am not saying SVS is not a good sub, I'm sure it is great - but 18hz (you can only hear down to 20hz), 400 watt continuous and 1500 watts max, I literally shake the lights in my room, and all the furniture upstairs, if I put the sub to half volume.

Sorry, but IMO you can have TOO much bass! I would already put the PW2200 at that level. I really belive that SVS subs are build for much larger rooms, and are OVERKILL for a smaller room if they are indeed that much better then PW2200.

Go with the PW2200, you will have plenty of punch, and lots of deeeep bass- just be sure to tighten things down! :)
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