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Paradigm vs. Mordaunt Short

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Trying to build a 11 by 20 feet dedicated home theatre room.

Choosing between:


Monitor 9 * 2 for front

Mini monitor * 2 for rear

CE370 as centre

PDR 10 as sub

Mordaunt Short

904 * 2 as front

903s * 2 as rear

905 as centre

907 as sub

Wandering if anyone has any experience with these and can offer an opinion.
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Have you listned to both? What did you think?

The PDR 10 isn't much of a sub. You should either move way up in the Paradigm line or consider some of the internet sub companies that offer a lot of boom for the $$.
Yep that was my reaction too, about the Paradigm sub. I run a Paradigm PW-2100 with a Monitor 5/cc370/ADP170 setup. The 2100 does very well, but if I had the $$ to upgrade the sub I would, it just doesn't go below about 27 Hz very effectively in my room, which is about 15 x 20 feet.
You should enjoy either system. I compared Paradigm Ref 60 to the MS-906, and prefered the 906.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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