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Parasite (1982)

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Releasing October 22 from Kino Lorber restoration by 3D Film Archive. Didn't see this posted here yet, announced back in March.

Preorder is up on Amazon.
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When I saw this in a theater in 1982, a woman screamed and ran out of the theater following a particularly gory off-the-screen gimmick effect. I didn't see what bothered her so much. It's a fun exploitation film with deep 3-D and some good gimmicks. I bet Demi Moore leaves it off her resume these days.

Director Charles Band did three additional 3-D features over the years: Metalstorm (1983), which is on Blu-ray 3D; The Creeps (1997); released on DVD in field sequential but flat on blu-ray (boo) and more recently, Evil Bong 3-D, which seems to have only received an anaglyphic DVD release.
Just got my copy in! Might watch this later.
Not sure if any one is looking at this forum but trust me. Watched Parasite 3D last night & trust me...One of the BEST 3Ds I have ever experienced...its just WOW....Strong 3D & Pop-outs....What I like is...very interesting story combined with strong 3D makes a perfect blend ;)
MUST TO OWN for 3D fans...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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