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I have been researching upgrading amplifiers from my current HCA 3500 bi-amp config and noticed in the Mark Levision 33X series amps a feature for monoing what seems to be a dual mono amplifier. This is done by adding a "y" XLR cable that connects the same source to both inputs (with one inverted) then the speaker gets connected to the Positvive of both amps with side amp "A" (non-inverted) as the Neg of side "A" gets directly connected to the neg of side "B" and the negative speaker feed gets connected to the pos post of side "B" (inverted input) amp.

I get the cost and build difference in the two amp lines but what is the fundemental circuitry difference that allows the ML to pull this off and not something like the HCA 3500? And to further fuel the fire I remember some true mono block Marantz amps I once own that allowed two units to be bridged and they were completely seperate amps. I have found a thread discribing this on the forum. My intentions are to replace a pair of mono'ed HCA2200II with a pair of Mono'ed HCA3500s for my stereo sub channels.
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