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Haven't seen these mentioned anywhere except a thread a year ago with few replies. Might be telling me all I need to know, but thought I'd take a chance.

I'm starting a theater build and wanted to do inwalls for the HT. I may supplement with separate L/R for 2-ch music listening, and if so I won't be as picky about sound quality of the fronts in the 7.1 setup.

Saw these Parasounds at Audio Advisor very cheap, and wondered if anyone has ever heard or heard of them?? Also have pairs with 6.5 inch woofers for even less. Since Parasound does make quite good electronics, I would hope they wouldn't have put their name on pure junk, and these are priced just above that level. I think I would play around with different sealed boxes for them, as I can't imagine them sounding good or without risk of over-excursion as essentially an infinite baffle, but who knows. Or may be better off with one of the popular kits. Thoughts?
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