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Hi there,

Been lurking on these forums for years for answers, and decided that there wasn't a particular old post that can answer my current question, so here goes:

I'm planning on installing a russound mca-c6 distributed audio system ( http://www.russound.com/product_detail.php?i=3171 ), and I am looking at pairing some speaker to it. The purpose of the speakers is background music (and the speakers are distributed to reflect that), 4 zones (2x6.5 inch speakers in each) initially that will be expanded to 6 in the future, and currently I am not planning any additional amps for power.


I am open to ideas, such as adding amps if necessary. My budget is limited to about $100/speaker (I could go slightly higher). Size of speaker would be 6.5 ideally, and I am definitely wanting low profile grills.


My concern is wattage pairing, I am worried that the speakers I choose could end up being rated for a higher minimum wattage than the russound system can deliver. Quality is another concern, I know I don't need top notch quality for background music but I am still hoping to get something of good quality. I have been looking at the russound RSF-62, but am unsure of the quality.


Any advice or suggestions regarding speaker choice?

Thanks in advance!
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