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Parkland Plastic sheets

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I am interested in making my own screen and have read all the posts on this forum sofar but have not come across a part number or SKU# does any one know what the Home Depot SKU# would be for the parkland plastic sheeets?

Also is one side smoth and the other side textured? If its textured is that the side you use for your screen?:rolleyes:
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Here is another question... Has anyone tried using Formica sheets for a screen? I know I can get this in lots of different colors ( white, light gray, dark gray etc.. ) They are light weight, have special glue for attaching to plywood and they are flexible to a degree but would not be prone to ripples

you might not have to put any kind of backing on this.

Any Ideas?
As previously noted, use the textured side, the number that has appeared on Home Depot receipts is 637553000012. I bought mine at Lowe's so I can't vouch for that number.

You can do a search for info regarding the use of Formica, there are several posts.
Parkland is not available at some HD or Lowes. It's only in certain region of the country. Closest to me is Menards in Indianapolis, IN (3 hours away :() Fortunately you can mail order 5'X8' or 5'X10' sheets for $30-$40 (4'X8' sheet is $12 at Menards--talk about markup, geez).
I got my Parkland Plastic Plas-Tex (Poly-Wall) at the Cupertino/De Anza Home Depot last weekend. They had 29 sheets & it was hidden under some FRP panels (similar application as PP, but fiber reinforced, so stiff) on the back wall of the store.

The Campbell store said they were completely out & had zero on order.

BEWARE cracking of PP: don't let it bend at too small a radius. I thought I'd get two sheets in case I messed one up (I live 40 minutes away from the Cup. HD) and with only a 2 1/2 year old to "help" me, managed to fold 'em both a wee bit while trying to get 'em in the car. It cracked the surface in a way that wouldn't matter to someone using 'em in a restaraunt or garage (so they let me exchange) but would be awful on a screen.

do you think these sheets are paintable?

What are HD stores? I live near Sacramento, and Parkland said they had nothing near me, and only had a distributer in San Diego. Any input would be great!

I have been unable to find the parkland plastic sheets in any home Depot in my area but I did find a mica sheet ( not Formica ) from Home Depot $9.98 it has a smooth white finish on one side that's almost matte. It's pretty light ( about 7 - 8 lbs and brown on the other side ) its pretty stiff ( no wrinkles) but can bend like Formica can.

I Just tried my AE100 pj on it. The sheet was sitting on the floor, and my pj was on a large box. Pretty good picture. (T2, Matrix, Starwars episode 1)

You only see a hot spot if your looking directly at the screen at the same level as the projector. I plan on making a frame out of 3x1/4 wood and paint it flat black.

I will then hang the screen from my ceiling (7ft) in my basement. I will also ceiling mount my pj, I think when I am sitting down looking up slightly there will be no hotspots noticeable. When I find the right paint I think I will paint it gray to give me more contrast. when I get a chance I will post some pics of the screen.

I thought I had the receipt with me so I could post the SKU I will when I find it.
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