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Paul weller addicts-Dont pass on Hit Parade

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Not sure if any paul weller addicts actually exist in the states but he is a national treasure in UK.This Hit Parade dvd is 2 discs of just about every video he made with The Jam,Style Council and his amazing solo career that is still going strong.Its a great buy when you consider its the dvd version of his new boxed set cd that is four discs long and we only loose 2 cd tracks on dvd.

Being video the pq varies quite a bit as well as the audio since its coming from the 70s,80s,90s and the present.His two dvd concerts available in states are fun with great audio but are marred but way too many jittery MTV edits that can get you dizzy.He also has a good documentary budget priced dvd based on his latest cd release AS IS Now that also has a terrific short concert.

Its a shame weller is not as big in states since his career is as brilliant as anyone playing today.He recently sold out a bunch of concerts in New York with a career retrospective concert that I hope makes it to dvd with a different editor.Its so great to find an artist today that still writes ,records and has a solid band behind him as he moves into his fifties.
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