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Paulie Walnuts Reviews HDTV

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For those of you who watched The Sopranos this weekend. How great was Paulie Walnuts review of HDTV when he was waiting to pick up the Flat Panels. :D

"Karl Maldons nose hairs looked like barbed wire"
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Yo, maybe we should have Paulie arrange a power buy for his AVS fans here! ;)
The Sopranos has probably done more to increase the visibility of HDTV and Home Theater than the FCC and AVS combined.

("Yeah, it was him making fun of my nose")
Adebar, how on earth do you just happen to have a picture of Karl Malden on your hands?! :D Good stuff...
Yeh, those comments were great. I'd sure like to be on the dock picking up a shipment of plasma's.
sangs: i wish i could take credit for the pic. i simply searched on imdb.com for it. :)
"Yeah, it was him making fun of my nose"

I think Syker is the one who's in trouble. Paulie just said his nose hairs looked like BX cable... hardly an insult at all.
Yes you are correct, It was BX cable. All of the HBO shows should be in HD. Hopefully Paulie will take a panel for himself instead of viewing that 13" tube.
That was hilarious - I was wondering how many of you would catch that as I watched it. "Freaking BX cables!" :)

The only thing Paulie should be watching is his back if Tony EVER finds out about that picture! I love Tony's new look in that pic too :D
what is "BX cable"?
My wife and I both cracked up when he said that. We are building a new house now, and I finally convinced her recently that a 50" plasma is the way to go. Her actual response to Paulie's comment: "Well, what more do I need to hear? That settles it for me!" Sweet.
Originally posted by ADebar
what is "BX cable"?
Electrical cables with a metal jacket in the form of a flexible spiral.

I'd love to do more big home theaters of the kind that Tony bought, but don't know that I'd want him for a client. Some clients may try to beat you down on the price, but Tony might have you beat up. Or kneecapped. And as difficult as it is to get a final payment out of some rich people (often that's how they got rich in the first place), what can you threaten a mob boss with?

I only saw the episode where he got the theater installed, and I'm not sure if Tony is still has happy with it as he started.
Installer: Well, there it is. 12 hours of hard work, but it's absolutely perfect, and nothing should ever have to be changed.

Tony: It looks a little dark to me.

Installer: You're right, it's completley dark. It must be the cold medicine I took this morning affecting my sight. I'll brighten it up right now.
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