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Well I have has my benq 8230 for about 4 years now, Replaced bulb once. I have 540 hours on the new bulb and now the right side of my screen is all dark (shadowed) along the edge. This on a 120 inch diag screen works out to be about 12 inches of screen on the right side. I also have always had a problem with the projector losing sync on inputs with high white levels. The screen would just blue out and then when the signal re synced it would come back. Is this a problem that anyone has experienced as well?

I called Benq and they said it would cost me $60 just to look at it. Does anyone experience a similar problem and how much do you think they would charge me to fix it. Also what could I expect to get out of this projector selling it working or as parts.(still has a good bulb with only 540 hours on it)

On to the fun stuff. How much of a difference will I notice upgrading to the new projector. I have Starchoice HD and an xbox 360 with hddvd player.



PS. Thanks to murph for the hook up on the projector and bulb warranty.
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