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PBS Dallas, TX 13-1 problems?

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Hi guys,

Any Dallas HDTV-watchers having trouble with this one?

Until recently I was receiving the digital PBS channel at 100% signal strength. Now I've noticed it's gone. All my other channels are fine, and the analog PBS comes in clear.

A buddy of mine a few miles from me says he gets it fine which concerns me more.

I tried a re-scan and reset of my box with the same results.
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No problems here in Rockwall.
Too weird.

Any suggestions on what the problem may be? Antenna didn't move, all other channels show 100%, and analog 13 looks fine.
I'm getting a much lower signal in Lucas (near Allen). It was 50-60% and has now dropped to low 20's, with lots of glitching.

I think something fishy's going on. I'm going to call them today.
I spoke with Rick in engineering today. He said I was definitely not the only person to call in with this problem recently. He thinks maybe power is going to the transmitter, but parts of the tower maybe out or not working properly. He's gonna check it out and get some answers.
Channel 13-1 is fixed! Came on yesterday morning or earlier.

I spoke with Rick, he said all readings showed the transmitter getting full power, but there is a computer that changes the bit-stream to RF and it was locked in a loop. They rebooted it and now we're back in business. I'm probably oversimplfing the problem, but he mentioned lots of engineering terms that went over my head :)
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