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PC and Games on the L300u

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Will I be able to connect my PC to the L300u using the DVI input? What resolutions would I be able to use? Also, what would be the refresh rate?

Also my PC has the other home videos and a TV tuner that I would also like to be able to project with the L300u.

Thanks for any info!
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I thought I read that the DVI on the L300u will not work for HDTV. Is this correct?

When I get HDTV, will I be able to get a an adapter and plug it into the PC-IN connection? Or, is this still unknown?

I'm new to this, so if these are silly questions, please be gentle! :D
DVI on the PT-L300U is designed specifically for computer video, to use your projector as a really big monitor. The users manual has a list of "compatible signals" on page 61. An HDTV receiver can be connected via component cables to the component inputs. If you need DVI-HDCP, you're out of luck.

im not 100% but i think you can use the dvi to connect the computer to play games. however, the resolution of the projector does not match the resolution of the pc, and sometimes you need to play around with the computer resolution using a program called powerstrip.

i suppose the point im trying to make is that the panny is not out of the box very good for playing games on the pc. for the playstation 2 or xbox on the other hand, it is excellent!!!!

Is there a projector in the $2k range that is good for playing computer games on? I would like a projector that can project an image of the computer screen and the text still be clear and readable.

When I connect the PC to my regular TV, the text cannot be read. It is far too blurry. I assumed that the L300u projector would be much better than that?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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