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Hi! I hope someone can help me because I am confused.

My setup is as follows

Hidden in the wall:


Cable Box

Pioneer Reciever

All connected to a ceiling mounted Sanyo Z2

Sometimes when watching Sports and stuff on cable, there was still a need to use the internet. So i bought a little junk 14 inch LCD and threw it on the coffe table as a secondary monitor.

I wish to upgrade this monitor to some sort of touch screen with usb to control the media center and the other devices as well.

I have no idea where to start, or if I am even going in the right direction.

Becuase there are times when the media center is off and people just watch TV, which leads me to believe this might be a waste of time.

Should I get off this line of thought and just buy a Logitech Harmony?

Thanks for any replies.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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