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Bought a cheap USB IR Receiver + Remote on Amazon:

Amazingly, it works as advertised. Using the remote (and pointing it at the USB-IR receiver), every command works. However, some of them inadvertently command other devices as well (e.g., my television turns off when I press "Mouse Down," or the display settings change when I press backspace.)

Is there any 'easy' way to fix this? There is literally ZERO software included with the remote, it's entirely PnP. I figure I could use WinLIRC, but I'd really prefer to avoid that if at all possible.

I have a Harmony 900, so after I get this sorted I'll program it...but if there isn't a software solution, I might just run the second (currently unused) blaster to the receiver, then set that blaster as the only one to transmit commands to the PC. Though I think that would work, I'd still strongly prefer not to have to use the other blaster at this point.

Thank you!
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