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PC sound output inconsistent through Sony AVR

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Hello Community,
My computer has odd things happen with sound. I'll share my setup and then follow with the issues:


PC (gtx 1070, HDMI out) --> Sony STR- DN1080 (AVR) --> LG CX (TV)
Speakers are in a 5.1 setup and work wonderfully when not going through the PC (my blu-ray player or the TV itself via ARC)

Issues with PC:

Right clicking on my desktop volume icon, I select 5.1. I go to 'Advanced Setup' to make sure the correct device is the audio destination. It lists my TV and not the receiver (I'm wondering if this is the main issue). Within my receiver I have 'Audio Out' set to 'AMP', not 'AMP + TV'. Also, under 'properties' the 'jack information' box only shows 'L R HDMI'. The issue manifests itself in different ways:
  • Within my PC sound menu, if I use the 'configure' option, sound will come out of each of the 5 speakers plus sub, but when 'surround right' is supposed to make a tone, it comes out of both SR and FR speakers. These speakers are not incorrectly wired.
  • When I choose the 5.1 option on my PC, my AVR screen scrolls 'Linear PCM 5.1 (3/2.1)' across the screen. Not sure if that's important.
  • Certain video games fully engage the subwoofer and surround sound (Forza Horizons 4 comes to mind), but other games (Elder Scrolls, Tomb Raider) have the subwoofer suddenly stop being part of the soundscape.
  • If I play music from Spotify, the subwoofer doesn't play and the rear speakers don't function. They all fully function if I use the Spotify app on my TV instead. Obviously, I can just use the TV app, but just wanted to point this out as another puzzle piece.
I've looked into this problem for a few days trying various things (passthrough settings, bitstream vs pcm, factory resets, BIOS fiddling, and can't figure out where the issue is. Would love any insight.
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Not sure about the first issue, but the last three have the same cause. Basically the speaker setting you pick is always sent, regardless of what the program uses. Since you set it to 5.1, any game using 5.1 will produce sound on all channels. However, a program (game, etc) that only does stereo will produce a 5.1 audio stream where the only audio content is on the left and right channels. If you want to upmix, you will need to change the output format to stereo or what the program will produce.
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Make sure your speakers are set to small in the AVR with an appropriate crossover. If not the sub will only be used when there is something in the dedicated LFE channel.

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Thanks to you both! Worf's explanation makes sense and I believe Spotify must only be sending a stereo signal. I looked into Leeliemix's fix and sure enough, it was the speaker size and crossover frequency. I'd done a recent autocalibration while looking into this and that must have reverted the speaker size to a default 'large'. The subwoofer comes on with all of the games I mentioned and Spotify now. My first issue with the windows 5.1 test still persists, but is of little concern to me. Thanks for the help!
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