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Currently, I have the Logitech x230 2.1 speakers and these about 5-6 years old. They have held up quite well over time but after looking at several peoples workstations Ive started to want some new speakers. The speakers that come to mind are the bookshelf speakers.

With a budget of around 75 Im trying to decide if I want to upgrade to 5.1 or buy a newer pair of 2.1's. For the 2.1's I found the Eagle Tech AR504's to have good reviews and look really nice.

Ive also seen some Polks which were a little more pricier but didnt know if they were worth the price and same for Sony.

I would get the Logitech x-540's for the 5.1 system but the way my room is set up I dont think I could set up surround sound to truly experience it.

I mainly use the speakers for Games and Movies but listen I listen to music on them too.
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