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PC sub with an Onkyo 604?

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Hopefully this is a quick yes/no question.

I am running a decent 5.0 HT system through an Oknyo TX-SR604. The speakers are all Polk. I never purchased a sub in the year I have had this system and I'm starting to feel like I'm really missing out since the Polk speakers I have are not very large at all.

Recently, my right and left channel speakers on my PC's 4.1 Altec Lansing speakers died on me and I was wondering if I could just use the sub that came with that system on my HT system. The sub itself is only 60w, but I've cranked out some good lows with it during its life. The speakers are the Altec Lansing ADA885's, very old. Here's a link to a pic that shows the plugs on this sub.


And here's a link to their specs...


Since its powered, would my Onkyo 604's preout be able to plug into the S/PDIFF port? I would imagine an adapter cable would be required if this was even possible.

To be honest, I doubt this will work at all, but buying a sub in the near future is just not going to happen.

Thank you all for reading this and for any help you can provide.

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Don't use the SPDIF port thats digital audio, I would get a 3.5mm cable to RCA plug adaptor and possubly use the line in from the sub to the RCA sub output on the receiver.
Thanks for the suggestion. The PC speaker system came with an RCA to 3.5mm adaptor so I tried that. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any sound out of the sub. I tried virtually every plug that the 3.5 could it in. It seems I'm stuck with missing out on some great lows until I can muster some cash.

Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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