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PC to component HDTV

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Ok, before I get too much flak for not searching, I guess I am not too good at searching, because I have not found the answer. I have a nice PC with a 3700 x64 athalon, 2g ram, 6600GS 256mb pci-e card. I would greatly like to have both my samsung 19" LCD monitor and my Sony 30xs955 HDTV hooked up, so I can play games on my machine. I have gotten everything hooked up so I can see images on my tv, but all i see is a view of my desktop? what is the best way to configure it so, with the click of a hotkey, my entire "desktop" and the game I am playing will switch over to the TV, on its own resolution?

One more thing: My card has 3 outputs, the VGA, DVI, and the Svid/Component dongle. My LCD is using the VGA output, and my TV is running the component dongle. If it would help things considerably, I will get a DVI-HDMI adapter, and run HDMI to the TV, if that makes things look better and work easier..

Thanks for the help

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hey fellow MNer ;)

your best best is to set your tv to the primary display. I havn't gotten too much into the nview settings and such but you can also set up profiles per game for each display.

- Josh
It souids like you have the two displays configured in clone mode. You need to configure them in extended desktop mode, then you can drag and drop Icons and windows from the primary display to the secondary and the second display can be set to a different resolution.

There is very complerte driver user manual for your Nvidia card drivers available from the same download page as your drivers at the Nvidia Web site which will provide the details.
by extended desktop mode, do you mean dualview? If I do that, how do I get things like programs to run on the 2nd monitor in its resolution? is there a way to set up a hotkey for that?
You just drag and drop the programs window from one screen to the other since the two screens are acting just like one screen and your mouse and anything else will go from the left side of the right screen to the right side of the left sreen when you move it to the left or vice versa.
even with fullscreen games?
In my limited testing, Fullscreen games tend to go to the default display. I tried playing Unreal Tournament 2k4 on my TV and while windowed it would display on the TV, but the moment I went full screen it was back to my default display. I switched the TV to my default and UT accepted it to play fullscreen. Only problem was my card moved my desktop icons to my TV after reboot and screwed everything up in that respect.

Sorry this doesn't really fix your problem, but that's been my experience thus far.
Different card, ati9800, but my fix is to disable the monitor you dont want to use before you launch a game. I made profiles in the ati panel that I call on with my remote through girder/usbuirt. I found that some games, Far Cry was one, would for some reason minimize themselves with both monitors running.
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