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PC to HDTV Connection Problem; Pls HELP!

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Hi All:

I have an Nvidia Geforce 8600GT with DVI, VGA & component outputs.

I have a flat panel PC monitor connected via DVI and an LCD HDTV connected using the GFX card DVI output to HDMI.

I wanted to set individual resolutions for each display and have the complete desktop displayed on both.

I can have the complete desktop on both in clone mode, but then cannot set individual resolutions and TV doesn't have a signal.

If I use Dualview, i can set the resolutions, but only my primary display shows the complete desktop, the secondary (HDTV) display shows only the wallpaper, with no start menu or icons or anything else.

If I open a program window or play video etc the HDTV display does not change or display anything but the wallpaper (only when I drag the Media pLayer image). I want to display what I get in clone mode on both but the useable resolutions of each are poles apart made worse by the fact that the PC monitor is not widescreen which means I cannot then set my HDTV to a native or HDTV resolution.

Am I missing something here or am I misunderstanding what dualview means or how to set up everything? Is there a solution in the settings?

Please Help
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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