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PC to HS10 without PowerStrip?

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Suppose I want to be simple and don't want to mess around with powerstrip,

and don't care if some pixels are wasted. How can I display my PC content

with HS10 via DVI? I always get 4:3 not 16:9 image. So have to use mouse

to see the missing part. I thought if I just display 1280x768 I lost some pixel

but everything else should be fine.

My OS is Windows 98SE and video card is ATI 9600.

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

Thanks, Chunu
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Bump...please help...
You can use component output. Might need a dongle for your ATI card. Do a google search for it. Any of the HDTV resolutions will output 16:9. The latest ATI drivers also allow 1080i (I read that, have not tried it).
There was a post a while back that contained a monitor.inf file that someone created from powerstrip. This will allow you to set a 1:1 pixel mapped resolution without having to purchase powerstrip (which I assume is what you're trying to avoid). Let me know if you can't find it.
Thanks. I will try tonight.

IIRC you can use 1280x720 without powerstrip, you have to use the Video GBR mode on the HS10 input instead of Computer mode, and you will get some overscan.
I think that under Win 98SE AS WELL AS Win ME the Ati drivers NO MATTER WHAT chunu tries WILL ALWAYS create a virtual desktop...(scrolling 1024*720..) This even applies for 56 hz resolutions. In this case HS10 starts from the upper left corner the resolution BUT STILL it is a 4:3 virtual resolution! I had this problem a year ago. No one came with an answer. I gave up and switched to XP. It worked fine right from the beginning!!!ACTUALLY no one has achieved full16:9 resolution (not virtual desktop) under WIN ME WIN 98 etc in Computer mode. My advice: Don't lose your time switch to XP!

Jdives alternative solution for GBR mode can work with the problems mentioned. A 1166*668 50pal/60ntsc hz will fill your screen with no under/over scanning in GBR mode if you insist on Win 98SE. It will even correct microstutter created by the 56hz limit in Computer mode!!!!
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Originally posted by LeonidasVouros
... ACTUALLY no one has achieved full16:9 resolution (not virtual desktop) under WIN ME WIN 98 etc in Computer mode. My advice: Don't lose your time switch to XP! ...

I have no problems with full 16:9 resolution @ 56HZ with my HS10 and I am using WIN98SE.
Yes I have almost come to the conclusion that XP is required.

But hdtv_moron's comment gives me some hope. So how did you do it?

Thanks for all the replies.

One year ago I posted the same question as chunu and at that time I was using WinME. No one answered to my question and by doing a search in Forum's archeive I found out that other members with similar to mine problems gave up SWITCHED to WIN XP!!!!

So just curious now HDTV_moron how did you manage to overcome the virtual desktop (computer mode, 1366*768)??? Did ati fix its drivers?
Matrox G400.
hdtv_moron 'Matrox G400.'

Ok so chunu you have three options:

1.Drop Win 98 SE switch to Win XP and KEEP your ATI 9600

2.Keep Win98SE but change your card to a Matrox G400 or finally

3. Keep both Win98SE and Ati 9600 and use either the 1280*720 (as Jdlive suggested) or the 1166*668 resolution ONLY in GBR mode loosing the 1:1 pixel mapping benefit as well as ENABLING the internal scaler of the HS10 with all the disadvantages that this means
OK seems XP is the only way as I don't want to change card.

But it will be very painful. All the software installed through the years.

Maybe I will live with option3 until I have enough time and courage.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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