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PC to Receiver: Setup Issues

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Hello everyone. I'm a newbie so I hope this is the right area to post my question.

I have a Technics SA-121, and I want to hook it up to my PC so I can get sound on an old plasma TV (which only has DVI).

So, long story short: I have a set of Fisher speakers and a subwoofer (I'm not worried about surround sound or anything super technical at this point); and I bought a 3.5mm to 2RCA cable that, in theory, should go from the line out on my PC to the receiver. I

I tried plugging in that cable from my PC to the aux/cd input on the back of the receiver and attaching the Fishers via speaker wire to the back of the receiver. However, I'm not getting any sound from the speakers.

Can somebody enlighten me on what I'm doing incorrectly?

Thank you kindly,

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Can we assume you have it plugged into green/front speaker out from the computer?
Is the analog audio hardware on the computer setup as the default output device?
Have you tried the tape input since it's the only other input on the receiver?
Lastly have you tried connecting that 3.5mm>rca adapter directly to the tv or other speaker system?
Thank you very much for the reply?

I'll do my best to answer your questions:

Yes, the cable is plugged into the green port.

Yes, I'm running Fedora 21, and using pavucontrol, I've set the default audio to Analog Stereo Output.

I have not tried any other inputs yet, but I will.

In terms of connecting it directly to the TV, do you mean one of the Audio inputs? I have audio1, audio2, and audio3 on the side my of my TV. The TV doesn't have any sort of built-in speakers.

I don't have another speaker system. I received the receiver from a friend about a year ago, and he told me that while he was still using it, he was able to connect 2 sets of speakers and a subwoofer to it simultaneously.


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Have you tried plugging in a pair of headphones into the green audio output on the PC to confirm it is indeed playing audio? Can you get audio from the speakers / subwoofer from the Technics SA-121 if you set it to the tuner?
If the TV has no speakers why would it have audio inputs ? If its a TV it has to have speakers or else it would be a monitor not a TV.
Hi again guys.

I was a little busy lately, so I forgot to check this thread.

Yes, the headphone jack on my PC is fine; I've a pair of Monoprice earbuds plugged into them right now.

Concerning my NEC TV:

It has audio inputs for things like cable boxes, AppleTVs, DVD players, etc.

When I still had cable and a DVD player, I wired two small speakers directly into the back of the TV; and then plugged the RGB and audio into their respective inputs.

I haven't tried the tuner option yet, but I'll try it tomorrow.

I had an idea:

What if I wired the speakers directly into the TV, then ran my 3.5mm to 2RCA into one of the audio inputs? That'd tell me, I'm guessing, whether or not the receiver was knackered.


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I can't get any sound from the Technics at all. And I verified that the speakers are working using a friend's system.

I've ordered a LePai amp, which should be fine for my purposes.
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