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PC to Sony LCD by DVI-HDMI

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I was wondering if anyone had problems with their Sony LCD using DVI-HDMI cable to connect your PC. I have Sony 46" KDL46V25L1. I'm having problems viewing movies. Can anyone help me out? Here is what I wrote to Sony support:

I connect my PC to this Sony LCD TV by using DVI-HDMI cable. The output (1920x1080 resolution) looks fine in the PC window screen, which means my video card should be compatible. The problem is playing videos and games on the TV.

Playing movies (windows media player and DVD software) has black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. The video image is compressed, or image looks like it is flatten. Same results no matter which Wide Mode option I choose. In addition, the Display Area does not give me an option for "Full Pixel" when playing movies. I cannot get the video to cover entire screen on TV.

When viewing games and any full video, small parts of the image is cut-off on all sides (left/right/top/bottom). And there is also no option for Full Pixel.

Can any of these two problems be corrected using HDMI on this television?
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If it looks fine while you're doing web browsing, etc, then the problem is not with the TV, it's with the PC.

Have you tried using a different media player? I start with VLC, just as a test. Media Player Classic is also a good choice. You also might want to take this question to the HTPC forum.
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