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Change the file extension to MPEG or AVI - VOB is not supported by the 360 - nor is the DVD structure.

Originally Posted by hokierower /forum/post/16944850

I just got an Xbox 360 today and set it up to be a media extender for my PC. My ripped DVD collection is sitting at about 170 titles but the computer is my personal one that I use for schoolwork. This year I planned on using the 360 to be able to watch my movie collection in my apts living room with my roommates on our 50" rear projection. Today when I got the system connected and tried to play a movie the 360 gave me an error of not supporting the file type.

I looked it up but couldn't seem to find a definite answer. I'm using Windows 7 RC x64 and all my ripped DVDs are in a stripped down .VOB at around 80% quality in the Video-TS folder. It is a seperate HDD. My questions are:

1. Is there any way around this?

2. Will converting the several smaller .VOBs into one large .VOB and getting rid of the Audio-TS/Video-TS subfolders solve the problem?

3. Do I need to convert to .avi or .xvid? Which one would give best quality/size?

Just general advice? Thanks.
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