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PCH A-100 - SPDIF/Coax audio not working

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I just recv'd the PCH A-100 and can't get any audio over the coax (SPDIF) connection.

Basically, I unplugged the component and coax cables from my DVD player and plugged them into the PCH.

I get video, but NO audio on any movie, or audio files. I have tried all the settings for analog vs digital and HDMI audio on and off. Still nothing.

The PCH is connected to a B&K Ref50 processor. When I swap the cables back, the DVD plays fine, so not a cable issue or B&K setup issue as far as I can tell.

I moved the PCH to another room where the HDTV there has HDMI. Audio is fine of HDMI. Moved it all back to the AV room and reconnected to B&K and projector. No audio.

Anyone have any ideas? Please help. NMT has been 0 help so far.
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You could have a defective unit. Have you tried the analog outputs to see if you get any sound at all via the B&K?

Also under the Audio/Video Setup here are a few tricks that might help. Turn HDMI audio to off if you are not using it. Set the surround mode to Stereo (this will not affect true 5.1 sound tracks). Set all of the audio type settings to RAW for DD and DTS. Use PCM for all the others unless your receiver can decode WMV, FLAC etc.. When you are all done changing the settings make sure to exit using the Save button.

Hope this helps you out a bit.


Thanks for the ideas. I have tested most combination of settings. I'm thinking 1) defective or 2) incompatability between coax stream from pch and B&K. Have thought about buying a $20 coax to toslink convertor just to see if that may be the issue.

No response from NMT at all on this.

May have to request replacement, if I can figure out how to do that.
I'm starting to believe that this problem is not a "defective" PCH, but an incompatabiliy issue.

After a few conversations with BK, I think they might have too strict SPDIF protocol standards, which may be fixed in a upgrade they offer. This is a hardware/software upgrade and I have to send the unit back to the factory to get it done.

Probably the way to go, unless I can come up with some other ideas....
Bummer. Here is a thought...do you have a friend with a 5.1 receiver, or perhaps another receiver at your house that you can hook the PCH up to just to test the digital output? It is a hassle but at least you would know one way or the other.


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