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Hello there - just registered so my 1st day in forum
I recently stumbled across the Muse PC21 PCI TA2021 amp and i am thinking to slapping a cheap PC for guest room/den using this and some bookshelf speakers. I would want to work out the audio 1st as it doesn't need to be a high end machine but i like it musical sounding from the savings


My questions are

1. Do you think amplifier being housed in a PC case makes noise a problem? I am going integrated graphics (Llano as these could actually do low resolution gaming even), selecting silent fans, etc

2. For strictly 2.0 (maybe add a sub at the most) is my choice of DAC in the Musiland Monitor 01 US good, overkill or could be doing better?

3. Ok for speaker selection - this would be for near field listening (user hardly 2-3 feet away from speakers) but nonetheless i am picking efficient speakers in the 89dB and above range so which of these would be good for the $$ Had owned some Polks , liked the sound but if spending more is worth it then

1. 89db Polk Audio M10 $72

2. 90dB Infinity Primus P162 $150

4. I was hoping to settle amp + speakers + DAC at the $200 mark but if slightly more reaps rewards i am game (but not too much heh)
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