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PCIe card/recievers for Dish network?

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I am having a hard time finding current info on this. Does anyone know if I can buy a internal computer card that will recieve the Dish network signal? I would like to split screen my projector to 4 seperate TV signals and I assume I would need 4 seperate Dish tuner/recieves to do this. The best solution would be like the Ceton 4 tuner CableCard for cable TV companies.

I can do this with Cable but our provider wants way too much money to run the cable to my site. I am left with Dish (preferred) or DirectTV as my only viable choices and would like any help from anybody on how 4 signals of these two companies services might be recieved and sent thru a computer (which I will build).

Thanks for any insight.
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There is no way to receive Dish Network using a PC card. You can use external Dish receivers and ingest component video.
4 STB's, 4 capture cards. That's about you're only option with either.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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