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PCR PID 0x0000

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In the SF OTA thread an issue was diagnosed related to the PCR PID being 0x0000 instead of the PID of the video stream. Such an apparent deviation from the spec didn't cause too many problems however. Some devices are not able to play the channel, none diagnose it.

Remembering watching channels where the audio and video tracks were totally out of sync I suspect the issue is more widespread.

How do we make sure the broadcasters assign the same PID to PCR and video streams?
Should this issues be diagnosed better by tuners?

Are there any other relations in the atsc muxes that should be maintained but can trivially be broken?
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When something like this happens locally, my Tivo Roamio has issues with it. I send an email to that stations engineering team explaining as best I can exactly the issue, and it's usually fixed very quickly. You can typically Google the station, and find contact emails there. Or, look it up on the FCC site, or Rabbitears.info

I've had some various issues over the last 5 years with 3-4 locals, AND, all of them have been very responsive to fix it, and grateful that an end-user caught it and made them aware.

I am not sure if this is such a great idea as it can obscure unused PCR PIDs when analyzing the stream.
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