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tczupka -

the black levels are very, very good on the Fujitsu 5002. It is all source dependant. On really good source the blacks are as good as any CRT I've seen. On moderate or poor source there can be fuzzies and the appearance of false contouring. It is reasonable to assume these facts hold true across the latest generation of plasma lines, all of them. GIGO.

If you are really focused upon black levels you will find fault with plasma. To my eyes the positives far outweigh the negatives. Maybe I gloss the negatives due to the overall package; the lack of bulky box, the perfect geometry, the punch, the color fidelity.

For example, watching a good CBS show like CSI in HDTV results in perfect black levels. Watching something off DirectTV, perhaps a movie with much dark content, like Dark City, results in the appearance of some artifacting. I attribute this to the compression more than the unit since I can pop the DVD in and not see the problems.

You really need to see the units to decide. Do not rely upon what anyone else says. But this generation of plasma, the new Fujitsu I own, the new Pioneer units, and perhaps the newest Panasonic (is there such a thing yet?) are all significantly better than the previous generation in grayscale and black level.

The 5002 uses Panasonic glass and their own electronics so it is a hybrid, a very pleasing hybrid.


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