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I am trying to use PowerDVDs new hotess features for making 24p video map to 60hz without stutter. But everytime I disable the Nvidia Pure Decoder option, it switches back ON when I play a bluray!

I can find no way to turn off NVIDIAs decoder. And frankly that sucks cause it's no good. I am getting stutters in panning scenes that are obvious frame rate conversion issues. It's like I cannot get a progressive display.

I know set top bluray players can output 24hz (24p) to TVs and TVs can then sync and play at 24hz (p) for smooth 1:1 playback. Is this not possible with an HTPC? I could see a PC video card syncing down to 24hz might be an issue, but what about 48hz? That should be doable and would allow for smooth playback.

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