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Hello. First of all forgive me if there is something strange in the text, I am using the google translator.

I've been reading the Topic HDR10 test patterns set, read all 17 pages, congratulations on the work. I have a question and if anyone can help me I would be grateful.

I have a YouTube channel, where I talk about television. I would like to deliver some more technical and accurate information to the people who watch my videos. Many existing models here in Brazil are not available elsewhere, or if they are, they have another name / model, which makes it difficult to obtain certain information, but specifically Peak of NITS and Contrast Ratio. I am thinking of purchasing a light meter type LX1330B, to try to get the results. Unfortunately, here in Brazil, the i1 Display Pro is very expensive, and for now I can't buy it.

My question is, if I use your testing standards, do you think I can get real values, or close to real values?

Another doubt is. If I have a 10% window and I know it has 4000 Nits, if I put this lux meter, in the center of that window, and get any measurement up to the maximum value of the test standard, it is safe to consider that this TV has the peak brightness for a window of 10% of that value?

I'm sorry if the questions don't seem to make sense, it's that I'm very new to this, my idea is to do something like this (
) and get my own measurement . Thank you very much for your attention
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