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Pearl image problems please help

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I am getting a green image with my pearl, Not that noticible on hd broadcast but very noticible on sd broadcast. Also when I turn on my 360 i get a green tint behind the 360 logo.

can somebody tell me what I can do on my own to prevent this, as far as the menu system goes. Also is their a callibration dvd I can buy to correct the colors.

also could this just be a internal problem, and if so has anybody else reported this before.
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You might just be getting some bad settings. If that's the case try these for a remedy:


Picture Mode Cinema

Cinema Black Pro

Advanced Iris Auto1, Recommended

Lamp Control Low

Contrast 80

Brightness 52

Color 70

Hue 50

Color Temp Custom 3


R 5

G -10

B 6


R 11

G -6

B -16

Sharpness 0

Black Level Adj Off

Gamma Correction Gamma 2



Color -20

Hue 4


Color -20

Hue -5


Color -20

Hue 20


Color -19

Hue -3


Color -20

Hue 23


Color -19

Hue 7

Color Space Normal

Settings posted previously by Googer.
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