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Pentium D 805 vs Intel Dual-Core E2xxx?

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Pentium D 805

Clock Speed - 2.66gHz

Bus - 533mHz

L2 Cache - 2MB

Design - 90nm

Multiplier - 20


Dual-Core E2140 Allendale

Clock Speed - 1.6gHz

Bus - 800mHz

L2 Cache - 1MB

Design - 65nm

Multiplier - 8

Will be used in a HTPC for 720p DVD and audio archiving. Also will be used for playing DX9 RPG/RTS games like Baldurs Gate, Civilization IV, Fallout. Thats where I'm curious, gaming tends to be heavily dependent on L2 Cache so what are your thoughts. Price range is about the same for both processors. O/c-wise?
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Originally Posted by SpiderScout /forum/post/12867299



Pentium D is rubbish.

Yep, the Core2-based Pentium DC/Pentium E will run circles around the P4/NetBurst-based Pentium D, even at significantly lower clock speeds. Plus it will do so using less power, and while generating less heat. On top of that due to low heat/power consumption and the CPU it's based on, the Pentium DC will overclock like mad, leaving the Pentium D so far behind it's not funny
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Last night I finally got around to swapping out my D805 for the $59 e2140 I bought a few months ago. Start-up is noticeably faster than when I had the D805 in it. I overclocked the e2140 to 2.4gHz by selecting "manual" for timing the frontside bus to 300mHz, but it was unstable when I went up to 375mHz on the FSB. I haven't had an opportunity to play around with voltage yet or any FSB setting in between 300 and 375 (although plenty of people are reporting being able to keep theirs stable up to 400mHz, which will give you 3.2gHz.

With the old D805 cooled with an Asus heatsink/fan, at stock speeds, I was usually at 55 or 56 C for CPU core temperatures at idle, a few degrees warmer after gaming, which a) was too high; and b) made my PC too loud since I felt I had to crank the fans to deal with that heat. While the comparison is somewhat flawed because I cannot tell how much of the difference is the new CPU or the new HSF I bought, an Arctic Freezer 7 Pro, with the new e2140, my temperatures are down 50% - it idles between 21 and 26 degrees C and after two hours of stress-testing with Prime95, the temperature under load only goes up to around 31 C.
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