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Perfect Dark just pain sucks admit it tell me if you agree

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Look I bought this game to so I am disapointed too. But after a month I have come to the conclusion that this game is total junk. You can unload a clip and a half on someone and if you dont hit in the face they might not even die. Please I dont care about armor or not a clip not a shot. The online is boring as hell you cant jump and the head thing again. I am putting this game on ebay right now. I want my 50 dollars back!!!!
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It kinda grew on me.

What do you need to jump on / over? I haven't encountered anyplace in the game where I thought "Gee, I really need to jump over this obstacle rather than just walking over it or going around it".
I kind of agree with you.

The single player campain is absolute junk in my mind. The controls are akward. The polygon count is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 per person. The voice acting is so incredibly horrid that I want to stick ice picks in my ears. I wish the controls were as smooth as condemned, b/c I find myself either unable to swing my gun fast enough, or overshooting them.

However, I do find that online mp to be a blast. It iswonderfully executed and offers you alot of options. I agree that at first I was angry that I couldn't jump...but it's kind of grown on me and it's kept the bunny hoppers at bay. I'd say give the mp about 6 more hours of online play before you decide to sell it. It's the only reason I've kept my collector's edition.
It's not the greatest game ever but I enjoyed it. Only tried multiplayer a couple of time but thought it was good enough.
The multiplayer game is horribly out of tune. Some weapons are overpowered, or perhaps just right, but the rest are ridiculously underpowered. The best weapon in the game has to be the sniper rifle. You can just run around and fire the thing like a pistol. If you have good aim, it's unbeatable. Almost any hit is a kill.

Overall, I think there are more negatives than positives to be found with this game. I do not recommend it.
I love the single player game. I have mostly played it coop and this was a blast. It gives the game a different dynamic. I will say that I thought the last level and ending sucked, but I think most games have weak endings. Still Good game. I will have to try it on-line, but I don't' usually like death match stuff. I play more team basted games like DOD on the PC.....
We already have a PD0 bashing thread. :rolleyes:

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