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Perforated Da-lite or Oray-screen

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Hi there,

As my screen has to be set before my speakers, I need a perforated screen. Much more expensive!

The difference in price between Oray and Da-lite is important. Will the Oray be much less in quality and safety of use. I am talking about an 2m 60 screen and electric of course!


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I am unfamiliar with Oray screens, but I am very pleased with my DaLite AudioVision perforated screen, which was affordably priced, provides a detailed picture, and has very good sound properties.


Before you purchase an "acoustic" screen from Oray or DaLite for that matter, have the manufacturer send you the results of their testing. They should be able to provide you with 1/6th and 1/12th octave tests showing the Db loss at each frequency. If they cannot provide you the results of the testing, then neither you nor they would know if the screen meets the requirements of "acoustically transparent".


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beside the acoustical properties of the screen you should check whether there are no optical problems. I had a severe loss of resolution with a DaLite AV because there was a nasty interaction between the holes in the screen and the pixel array of my XGA DLP projector. Try to get a sample of the material an test it with in true life condition by hanging it freely in the indended viewing distance. I could see the holes from normal viewing distance about 1.8 time screen width. And be sure to have nothing reflecting or leds of equipment behind the screen. This all will cause annoying problems. I ended with a screen from Da-Lite which is partly acoustically transparent but only at the masking below the white screen area wher my center is placed.

Oray has two types: accoustically transparent, classic, with hole of 1.2mm I think and the Microperforated, much more expensive (3x), with holes of 0.5mm.

Yet, the issue of the the holes size is also very important, as stated, for the image: even a CRT image can get affected by the holes so I guess the Microperforated is the stuff to go though I am sure there should be other manufacturers with cheaper prices. does anyone know the prices from Dalite and the size of the holes ?


Do you know where I can find more info on this Oray perforated screen?

Has anyone herd also Vutech? are these brands reputable as Draper and De-Lite?

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I think the website is something like www.oray.fr

Being a European company, I would think that it would probably be quite expensive to buy from them because of the costs involved in shipping the screen.

Vutec, Draper, Da-Lite, and Stewart are all reputable screen companies that sell in the US. (In fact Stewart is located in the LA area!)


Kam Fung
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