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I have just cut the cabinet panels for my 2 way waveguide/15" woofer speakers and am getting ready to assemble it and fill the cabinet with foam. This will be my most interesting and high end built to date and I thought it would be fun to leave some personal touches. I have access to a laser cutter and am considering putting a logo, poem, or my name somewhere on the speaker, but a friend had a better idea:

My friend has a number of old Playboys from the last year or 2 and we thought it would be cool to make a collage to post on the inside. There are more than enough pictures to line the inner walls under the foam, but I am wondering if pasting them over the foam also would affect sound absorption? This is thin paper, and the glue I will put over the final product won't be particularly thick, so I can't see how this would be a problem, right?

Has anyone else done any crazy/cool things to commemorate a speaker build?
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