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Blu-Ray and HD DVD fans,

I am starting this thread as a means to get CJPlay back posting so that we get insider information about both formats from an objective, fair source that we (excluding mean people) all respected. Amir suggested this type of a petition would help aid in bringing him back as Amir would personally show them how much CJPlay meant to the people that actually BUY THEIR PRODUCTS and love how great they've been. CJPlay has been instrumental in understanding their offerings and with Warner's new disc format, I'm sure we all have plenty more questions. CJ may not be able to answer them all, but he sure did provide a great understanding of the encodes and all that technical goodness that AVSForum thrives upon. I think bringing him back will help alleviate much of the rampant fanboyism as facts and rationality are the "silver bullets" to a rabid fanboy. Anyways, please post your support of CJPlay and your desire to have Warner insider contribute, with whatever constraints appropriate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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