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PG Mechanical Setup

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My PG+ is moving rooms, into a more dedicated space, and my throw distance is changing, so I thought, I might has well have another go at the full mechanical setup again.

Has anyone got the best links to use for the guides, I think the one I printed out is out of date, and any traps for young players that I should look out for.

I kind of got the hang of it last time, but I remember a few times where I got stuck with Do they mean this or this type of conundrum

I do the mech setup first and astig/focus adjustments later, or am I back to front?
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Anyone have any gotchas to add to that document?
Yep - the setup guide is great but it does sort of imply that this is a one way, linear process.

In actual fact is an iterative process - back and forth, back and forth.

Particularly for Raster Centering as all the Alignment and Convergence controls will affect centering, as they push the raster around. Linearity makes a huge difference to raster centering.

Linearity makes a huge difference to raster centering.
Almost all my raster centering was lost AFTER linearity adjust. It IS really iterative. I compensated for this after linearity... which then took me back to astig (which I had done before). I'd save some time leaving astig for last, after the electronic geometry.

Also, you shouldn't mess with the HWidth pot to move the amplitude as implied in the guide.
and don't normalize the settings in the White Balance menu (also accessible through the "Kelvin" button on the remote).
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