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PG6 high voltage failure ?

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Hello everyone,

I used to own a Runcoized PG6. Sold it to a friend after I got my XG1100. It had been running fine for over a year until one night he said the tubes just went dark in the midst of a movie. No pop. No smoke. No smell.

I now have it in my shop. It appears to be running OK except there is no light whatsoever from the tubes. The error display reads "00", everything OK. I have good video on all crt cathodes.

Even though no error code displays I believe the high voltage power supply has failed. G2 voltages are zero. I don't have a high voltage probe for my DVM but I suspect anode voltage is zero as well since I don't hear any of the usual little snaps that are common when a high voltage is impressed.

Terry, Curt, Doug, and anyone else, do you have any ideas as to what likely fails on a NEC HV supply that does not produce an error code? How likely is it that the FBT blocks fail? I am not too anxious to go poking around in there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Actually, I've NEVER had a HV failure on a PG..:)

That being said, I have a number of HV board and FBT's in stock, all working if you want to swap them out. Better yet, send me yours to test. I've got lots of PG sets in stock right now.
I would suspect the power supply, or something else inhibiting hv.

I don't have any power supplies left, but I do have hv parts etc and I'm close to you...

I still have a dead PG on my hands. All voltages from the low voltage supply are normal. Deflection, focus, and convergence drives are normal. I am not sure about video but I think it is OK. There are no error codes showing.

The high voltage supply does, in fact, start every time I power on the projector but immediately shuts down within 2-3 seconds. Certainly before the video un-mutes. I've tried disconnecting various control lines like HV protect, HV on, and mute but nothing seems change. I am now thinking a fault has occured in either Protect 1 or Protect 2 circuits.

pcCinema, Troy, I would sure like to hear from you to see if you have any PG boards you might let me try swapping out.

Of course I welcome any other trouble shooting advice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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